Cirque Royal

Considered one of the nicest venues in Brussels, this former circus was built in 1878. Long granted by the Botanique, the artistic management of the site, is in the hands of Brussels Expo now. While dance, theatre or opera sometimes invest its arena too, Music programming remains the central activity.


Kaaitheater is a Brussels arts centre, presenting local and international performing arts productions: from the 1980s to the present, from repertoire to experimental, from small theatre to large. In a world of one-off hits, Kaaitheater offers artists long-term commitment. Social and ecological topics are a prominent element in its programme. Kaaitheater presents about 75 productions each season on two locations in the Brussels’ canal zone: Kaaitheater and Kaaistudios.

Théâtre National de la Communauté Française

The recent and very clean building of the National Theater has three rooms, certainly one of the most beautiful in Belgium, with irreproachable technical qualities. It is a theater that wants to meet artists and the public as well as other arts and cultures from here and elsewhere. It is a place where ideas are divided and clinked together. Orchestrated by Jean-Louis Colinet, the program combines theater and dance, international sizes and French-speaking Belgian creations while creating bridges with its Flemish counterpart (and almost neighbor), the KVS.

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