Situated in the newly constructed pavilion adjacent to the hotel’s gardens, the atmosphere inside can only be described as elegantly sophisticated, with a soothing color scheme of whites and light cream tones, perfectly complemented by tasteful lighting. The restaurant is intimate, with a total capacity of just 56 diners, ensuring that your experience in gastronomic excellence is a relaxing one. As a result of its superb cuisine, beautiful location and elegant design, ABaC’s reputation among those who prize high class dining is blossoming.

Caelis Romain Fornell

Fornell and his team create contemporary dishes that aim to reinterpret tradition. The restaurant offers three tasting menus: Earth and Sea, Celebration and a vegetarian option. A weekly changing lunch menu is also available from Wednesday to Saturday. In the dining room or at the horseshoe-shaped bar facing into the open kitchen, diners can tuck into plates such as beef in vine shoots from the Priorat, shallots, crunchy potatoes and juice reduction, or Joël Dupuch oyster salad with flower, sea granita and lemongrass steam.


Its minimalist style has won praise from all corners, and the sumptuous menu on offer, the product of renowned chef Jordi Vila, leads the way in terms of delicious contemporary cuisine, showcasing the very best of Catalonia’s rich culinary tradition, but with a twist. Not afraid to experiment with traditional recipes, Jordi Vila has created a highly innovative menu. A favorite of Barcelona’s elite, the restaurant is equipped with a well stocked wine cellar that complements the fine food on offer.


Cinc Sentits’ fish and seafood is always of the highest caliber, and after it is caught it is couriered directly to the city, while butter from the Pyrenees, veal from Galicia, and foie gras and duck from Bajo Empordán mean that all meals provide diners with a cross section of the finest authentic Spanish cuisine. Located centrally, this delightful restaurant is sure to, as the name implies, appeal to the ‘five senses’.

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