What’s on Vienna

What's on Vienna

Vienna, also described as Europe’s cultural capital, is a metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, is clean and safe, and has all the inspiration that you could wish for in order to discover this wonderful part of Europe.

Facts: Vienna, the capital of Austria, 2 million inhabitants, is situated on the banks of the Danube. The influx of visitors from all over the world has made Vienna the most popular urban tourist destination in Austria.

Austria’s climate is generally moderate and mild and reliably follows the four distinct seasons. Average summer temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C, the average winter temperatures are around 0°.

A romantically imperial city: Vienna is a dream city for anyone with a romantic streak or an interest in history. Sightseeing opportunities are to be found in abundance. Wander along narrow, medieval alleyways or across imperial squares, view Schönbrunn Palace or the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) in the footsteps of Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef, and marvel at the majestic architecture along the Ring boulevard. Be inspired by an atmosphere steeped in history – which also boasts the comforts and infrastructure of a modern city!

City of culture: Vienna possesses a lively and vast array of culturalattractions. Whether classical or experimental theatre, film or dance festivals, opera or operetta, or exhibitions and concerts – no matter when you come and how long you stay, there is sure to be something exciting for you to discover. Or if your tastes are not quite so culturally refined, then visit one of Vienna’s famous coffee houses or traditional wine taverns (“Heurige”) and work your way through famous culinary specialities.

City of music: Vienna has been synonymous with music for centuries, and was home to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Johann Strauss. This outstanding musical heritage has been preserved right to the present day. The Wiener Philharmoniker is one of the world’s top orchestras, the Vienna Boys’ Choir is triumphantly successful wherever it tours, and the Vienna Conservatorium has produced innumerable international award-winners in all musical disciplines. Yet Vienna also boasts a lively scene for young people – if you love music, you are sure to profit from Vienna.

City of art: Down the centuries, Vienna has always produced and nurtured world-famous artists. The collecting passion of art-loving rulers and monarchs has made Vienna a treasure house par excellence. The Museum of Fine Arts, for instance, is one of the world’s largest and most distinguished museums, housing priceless works of art. Art accompanies you wherever you go in Vienna – even some of its underground stations are listed properties (on account of their elegant, ornamental Jugendstil style designed by Otto Wagner)! And Vienna is also uniquely zestful as far as its literature is concerned. After all, where else in the world will you find a city with its own “coffee house literature”?

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Vienna has a lot to offer at night, from bars to clubs, it has it all!

A popular spot in Vienna’s 8th district, Albertgasse 39 is owned by three friends. Sporting a chic, vibrant look with plenty of couches, the Albertgasse 39 lets in plenty of natural light during the daylight hours courtesy of its tall windows. At night, the lights are dimmed low to set the mood. Locals come here to pass the evenings with the help of good food, friends new and old, and of course, the extensive list of creative cocktails.

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Culture in Vienna is everywhere, take a look!

The clock forms a bridge between two parts of the Anker Insurance Company’s building. The clock itself is adorned with mosaic ornaments. In the course of 12 hours, twelve historical figures or pairs of figures move across the bridge among them Joseph Haydn, medieval lyricist Walther von der Vogelweide, Empress Maria Theresa and Prince Eugen of Savoya. Every day at noon, all figures parade accompanied by music from the various eras. This tourist spectacle is a special kind of Viennese High Noon..

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Theatres in Vienna, lots of acts to see!

The theatre soon won immediate acceptance by the Viennese public and established itself as a valued cultural institution with excellent actors and an interesting repertoire. A high standard of professionalism brought them international as well as local recognition. Through its recognition, the theatre has attracted a many well-known stage and screen personalities to the Josefsgasse.

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Eating out in Vienna is quite the treat!.

From the outside, Reinthaler’s Beisl seems like a regular Viennese restaurant. In fact, it is so inconspicuous that it might go unnoticed. But Reinthaler’s is a true hidden gem – if a Viennese who knows a thing or two about his city is asked for a restaurant where succulent Schnitzels and mouth-watering meats can be enjoyed in a convivial setting, their answer will probably be Reinthaler’s Beisl. In Austria, a Beisl indicates an extremely homely and comfortable restaurant, mostly serving traditional Austrian dishes. This is exactly what Reinthaler’s is: a cozy little venue that uses Austrian recipes to cook up fantastically simple, reasonably priced meals. The location is also excellent: Reinthaler’s is in the heart of Vienna’s first district, in a narrow alleyway just a few steps away from Stephansplatz.

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