What’s on Helsinki

What's on Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, with a population of 560 000 people. Located in a central point between St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm. The city was founded in 1550 and it has been the capital of Finland since 1812.

Best times to visit Helsinki are summer months but if you like cold weather and snow, then come around January and February.

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Helsinki has a lot to offer at night, from bars to clubs, it has it all!

One of Helsinki’s legendary rock venues, Tavastia attracts both up-and-coming local acts and bigger international groups, with a band every night of the week. Also check out what’s on at its adjoining venue, Semifinal, where new talent and young local bands take the stage.

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History in Helsinki is everywhere, take a look!

Sweden’s King Gustavus Vasa founded Helsinki on the mouth of Vantaanjoki River in 1550 to compete with Tallinn for Baltic Sea trade. The town grew slowly however, and the centre of Helsinki was moved to its current location in the 1600s. In 1748 Sweden began construction of the Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress off the coast of Helsinki to counter the growing threat from Russia. The massive project brought additional wealth, inhabitants and merchants to the town.

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Theatres in Helsinki, lots of acts to see!

The Finnish National Theatre occupies a beautiful building by the train station. Performances (usually in Finnish) are always spectacular at this venue.

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Eating out in Copenhagen is quite the treat!

Considered Helsinki’s best restaurant, Michelin-starred Olo occupies a handsome 19th-century harbourside mansion. It’s at the forefront of modern Suomi cuisine, and its memorable dégustation menus incorporate both the forage ethos and molecular gastronomy, and feature culinary jewels such as herring with fermented cucumber, Åland lamb with blackcurrant leaves, juniper-marinated reindeer carpaccio, and Arctic crab with root celery. Book a few weeks ahead.

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