What’s on Rome

What's on Rome

Rome is magnificent and brutal at the same time. It’s a showcase of Western civilization, with astonishingly ancient sights and a modern vibrancy.

Rome is a magnificent tangled urban forest. This city of beautiful chaos is Italy’s political capital, the capital of Catholicism, and the center of its ancient empire, littered with evocative remains.

As you peel through its fascinating and jumbled layers, you’ll find Rome’s buildings, cats, laundry, traffic, and 2.7 million people endlessly entertaining.

Visit St. Peter’s, the greatest church on earth, learn something about eternity by touring the huge Vatican Museums, do the “Caesar Shuffle” through ancient Rome’s Forum and Colosseum, savor the Borghese Gallery, and take an early evening stroll with Rome’s beautiful people.

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Rome has a lot to offer at night, from bars to clubs, it has it all!

Can’t afford to stay at the celeb-magnet Hotel de Russie? Then splash out on a drink at its swish bar. There are sofas inside, but best is a drink in the sunny courtyard, with sun-shaded tables overlooked by terraced gardens. Impossibly romantic in the best dolce vita style, it’s perfect for a pricey cocktail or beer accompanied by approriately posh bar snacks..

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History in Rome is everywhere, take a look!.

The centerpiece of the Vatican, the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica was built between the 16th and 18th centuries, replacing earlier structures that began in 326 on what is thought to be where St. Peter was buried. Ironically, it was the selling of indulgences to finance this building in the 16th century that provoked Martin Luther to begin the Protestant Reformation. The work of famous artists begins before you enter the church: in the portico are an equestrian statue of Constantine by Bernini and fragments of a mosaic by Giotto above the main doorway. It’s from the old church, as are the double bronze doors.

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Theatres in Rome, lots of acts to see!

Not unlike the architecture of the Colosseum, the circular Globe Theater was actually modeled after the Globe Theater in London. London’s version was built at the end of the 16th century and was home to many of the famed William Shakespeare’s best plays..

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Eating out in Rome is quite the treat!

For almost 40 years now Da Fortunato has been serving meals to hungry travelers in the heart of the historic center. Located just down the street from the Pantheon, Da Fortunato features high-quality classic Roman cuisine, like grilled steak with vegetables, pastas, and eggplant parmesan. In addition, they also have a large selection of Italian wine to match any dish. Despite this restaurant’s touristy location, the prices do not reflect this.

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