Costello Club

Legendary Madrid nightclub Costello is the spot where you always end up hanging around for drinks after watching your favourite band. They always bring in quality acts, and it’s not uncommon to come across musicians among the audience as well. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter pages so you don’t miss a thing. It can get wall-to-wall at weekends, but overall it’s quite the comfortable venue. Bonus: they serve tasty cocktails.

Galileo Galilei

A sister club of Clamores, Galileo Galilei presents possibly the widest range of artists to be seen under one roof in all of Madrid. Whatever kind of music you like, you’ll likely find it here, since all the bases seem to be covered. There’s Latin jazz, flamenco, salsa, singer-songwriters and myriad types of fusion. There are also occasional comedy nights. It’s a former cinema, and as such is very spacious, though the mock-Hellenic decor can be a bit over the top. It’s non-smoking throughout.

El Junco

Specialised in jazz, Junco frequently stages concerts by Spanish performers and groups. Although it has just one floor and isn’t particularly big, the venue is divided into three areas: the bar, the stage, and an area to relax and have a quiet drink. Blues and mellow rock are also well received here. When the concerts finish it’s the ideal place to chat and drink gin and tonics or get up and dance. The clientele is basically thirtysomethings. Although it’s open till 6am, it’s also a perfect place to have the first drinks of the evening.

Gruta 77

A mix of local unsigned groups and touring bands from the States, Australia and Japan pass through this 300-seater. Punk, rock, ska and ‘mestizaje’ tastes are catered for, with regular rock competitions, the prize being the chance to professionally record an album. An excellent sound system makes it worth the trip out to the ‘burbs. Among the audience you’ll find plenty of people wearing studded leather jackets, jeans and cowboy boots. And house band Gruta 77 is also very active. Until 2008 the concert hall published a rock magazine, and it still has a number of rehearsal rooms for Madrid-based bands.

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