Ethiopian restaurant and cultural house Toukoul is as beautiful as it is exotic, its fabulous interior designed by Belgian photographer Serge Anton, with sculptures and unique pieces brought straight from Ethiopia. One of the best things about Toukoul is its program of weekend concerts, with jazz, blues and lounge performed by talented local artists. Feast on the best injera (a sourdough pancake) in town, topped with the delectable wot and spicy key wot sauces, or the succulent tibs – fried meats smothered in aromatic spices – while you listen to the soft sounds coming from Toukoul’s intimate stage.

Don’t leave without trying the intense Addis Flower cocktail, and make sure you book a table a few days in advance – this is one of the most popular venues in Brussels.

La Quincaillerie

Named after its location in a historic ironmonger’s shop, La Quincaillerie is a striking example of Art Deco architecture, where elements of brass are coupled with heavy, wooden accents to create an ambiance of times gone by. The cuisine is similar in its approach, combining tradition with contemporary elegance. Start your meal at the exposed oyster bar, and go on to taste carefully prepared French-inspired classics, with ingredients sourced directly from local producers and the restaurant’s own farm in Bresse. Unsurprisingly, La Quincaillerie is a favorite fixture in the elegant Châtelain neighborhood, and a great place to dine after an afternoon spent at the Victor Horta Museum nearby.

La Truffe Noire

La Truffe Noire is more than a restaurant – it is a culinary institution dedicated to serving some of the most refined flavors in Brussels. The restaurant’s Michelin Star guarantees high quality, and its focus on creating culinary masterpieces with black and white truffles speaks for itself. Fans of this delicacy are in for a treat with superb dishes such as the luxurious whole-cooked Périgord truffle on toast and truffle butter, or the more conventional truffle-filled ravioli. La Truffe Noire sits at the edge of the beautiful and often overlooked Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre, the perfect spot for a leisurely post-dinner stroll. For a slightly more central location on Avenue Louise, visit the sister restaurant Atelier de la Truffe Noire, which has more of a bistro vibe to it.

Mer du Nord | Nordzee

More of a fish bar than restaurant, Mer du Nord (or Noordzee in Flemish) is one of those places you could only find in Brussels. Don’t expect to be seated; this is a standing affair, with high tables set around a large, semi-circular bar, outside at the picturesque Place Sainte-Catherine. Make your order at the bar (there is a whiteboard that lists the catch of the day), choose a table, wait for the server to call out your name and pick up your plate, laid with some of the freshest fish and seafood in the city and sprinkled with Mer du Nord’s house tartare sauce. The best strategy here is to order several smaller plates and share them around – the prawns are to die for, while the kibbeling – deep-fried slices of Atlantic cod – is a signature delicacy you shouldn’t miss out on.

Chez Leon 1893

Within a stone’s throw from the Brussels’ Grand’Place, CHEZ LEON features 420 seats located in 9 historical houses and is Belgium’s largest restaurant. Its banquet rooms situated on the f1rst floor have a seating capacity of 18 up to 232 people.It all started in 1893 with just have tables, but through its simplicity, its direct and warm wel-come and its picturesque atmosphere, CHEZ LEON has won the hearts of the national and international public with its Belgian cuisine.Not to be missed, the blond and generous ‘LEON Beer’, brewed in Belgium exclusively for our res-taurant in the heart of Brussels.

Lale Pizzeria

Capital of Brussels’ Tulip serving Pizzeria Europe, the treatments will appeal to anyone who wants to enjoy regional specialties prepared. Tulips Pizzeria, Brussels Turk street called Chaussee de Haecht, but chaos and welcomes you in a peaceful atmosphere away from stress. Offering quality service and impeccable service combining local Tulip Pizzeria flavors, guests will pita unique bread, cook in a stone oven specialty dishes and enjoy a trip full of sweet flavor.

Relais Saint Job

This restaurant, a true institution in Uccle, offers a varied brewery cuisine throughout the year, in an authentic setting of a former coaching inn. The chef juggles with the seasonal products and the menu accommodates the most-perfect! Its cuisine is healthy, tasty and delicately scented. Beautiful garden terrace suspended. And at any time, the bar area is a place of rendezvous Ucclois. Banquet room (65 people), business dinners, birthdays, communions, family dinners, weddings, cocktail dinners up to 100 people. The welcome is warm, the service friendly. INFO: It is not necessary to confirm your reservation via Restobookings by phone! Thank you

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