Villa Torlonia

Close to Porta Pia there lies a nice place to walk, which will pose some amazing views, Villa Torlonia. The area has been transformed into a beautiful area for walking, leisure and photography.

It’s a complex of monumental proportions with a vantage points that will showcase the old and new in one singular divide.
Journey to ancient Roman era style with modern twists. You can’t miss this one, as it will definitely bring about fantastic imagery.

Vatican City Gardens

For the religious, and those that are curious about the Catholic faith alike, the Vatican Gardens are definitely a place to check out.
They make up a grand portion of the area and can provide an incredible point of view for those that want to get in touch with their spiritual life. The gardens can also be traversed with a tour guide and be a mix of old and new alike.

Parco degli Acquedotti

Perhaps one of the coolest and beautiful locales that you’ll find at the south eastern part of Rome is Parco degli Acquedotti.
This is a park around old Roman aqueduct that is still alive and well and features an incredible vantage point for those that want to see historical context in their visit to the papal areas.

Built in 1585, this is one spot that will bring many history buffs compelling views of yesterday, mixed with today. It is a popular place for film makers as well.

Parco Delle Tombe Di Via Latina

Near Via dell’Arco Travertino lies one incredible little gem – Parco Delle Tombe Di Via Latina. It’s got a road that stretches through lots of archeological locales, rocks, trees, and green that will be impressive to say the least.

Moasaic design, stucco, and arches that will provide an eclectic mix of art and style that stems back from near ancient times. Bring a camera, as there will be plenty of eye candy around.

Parco di Torre Fiscale

This piece of medieval times is an interesting point of interest for historians and visitors that are looking for something a bit left of center. It’s a preserved tower that is impressive to say the least.

Inside Parco di Torre Fiscale is also the Casale Museo which features leisure and recreation as well as paths to walk, jog, and nap. For those that want to explore a bit more, renting bikes, getting a tour guide to explain different things becomes easy.

Italy is a beautiful location to travel to. Rome features so many parks and beauty. The above 7 options will definitely be grand, no matter what your itinerary is like. Check them out and bring a camera, you’ll want to explore and remember it for a lifetime.

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